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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday Morning and evening

Saturday a warm day, and will again be sunny.  I did my pre-dawn walk and found no pigeons on the hotel.  Around the back of the restaurant on the south side, I saw two pigeons sitting on a light fixture.  They are probably the ones I've been moving from the awing the past two weeks.  I chased them away.  I did another walkabout the buildings, but no other pigeons were sighted.  It was hot and I stayed as much as I could in the cool to keep from overheating.  The hawks were misted all day and I was checking them frequently and moving them about to keep them in the shade. I was also organizing my equipment for departure on Tuesday.  Mid-afternoon was quiet, for it was too hot for the pigeons to sit in the sun on any of the buildings.  As four o'clock approached.  I noted some milling about, and I saw that this group had several pigeons with a lot of white markings.  I noted that also they were not flying as coordinated as the morning pigeons.  This group is one of the local lofts, being released for afternoon flights.  They stayed a few moments on the hotel, but departed quickly before I could chase them away.  After their departure, the feral pigeons started streaming in just a few at a time.  I also saw them east across the highway, milling about at the church field behind the all glass office building.  It was shady there so I think they were also keeping cool, out of the sun.  After dinner, I had the hawks ready to fly, and noted approaching rain clouds.  I waited a bit longer, but the feral pigeons landed east across the highway on the power lines behind the 24 hour restaurant.  And stayed there quite a while.  I waited the weather out, there was a light rain starting.  I saw lightening to the north and heard distant thunder.  The pigeons were apparently staying across the highway for the time being showing no interest in moving and I decided to pack up a bit early.  I had packed up the hawks, and was in my truck just starting to park,  and I spotted the Cooper's hawk again hunting pigeons at rooftop level.  The few on the vacant restaurant flushed and the hawk had missed.  The hawk then flew west into the neighborhood out of site.  I thought, thank you hawk for helping me out this evening.   

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