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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hawks and Falcons on Patrol

For the Blueberries, I'm using both hawks and falcons. The hawks are Harris' hawks. They are not intimidated by local nesting raptors. And the best part, is I can have all of them out on patrol at the same time. The effect in on the waxwings is less dramatic than having a falcon fly around, but the hawks can be out for hours at a time. The falcon will fly for short intervals, then has to rest. (Flying takes up a LOT of energy). Even wild birds are on the wing only about 20% during the day). I then fly the falcon during peak, heavy foraging (early a.m.). Then hawks then hang around all day long. They are enjoyable to have around and we enjoy our day together.

Blueberries and Cedar Waxwings

This is a problem for blueberry producers. Spring migration brings Cedar Waxwings through Florida. The spring blueberries are the perfect food for them. They are very hard to deter from feasting on the blueberries and knocking them to the ground. Here is a photo of a small group of Cedar Waxwings during the beginning of the harvest. The waxwings become larger in number, as the crop ripens.