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Friday, October 16, 2009

Office Building, starling problem

This was a job that did not need falconry for the pest bird problem. The starlings were getting into the roof and small openings around the building. Nesting materials, feces, and just a general unsightly mess was the issue. The owner had the openings filled by a contractor with insulating foam, but the persistant and clever starlings just pulled it out. I inspected the job. I recommend that the openings be filled with pre-formed metal. Such as metal 'plugs' formed for roofing. Especially around the area where the standing seam roof met the soffit. I also recommend that the perch deterrent spikes be metal rather than plastic. The temperature fluctuations, plus the UV from the sun was deteriorating the plastic spikes and adhesives quickly. I recommend mechanical fasteners, such as sheet metal screws with all weather caulking. A few months later I contacted the owner to see if she followed my suggestions, she had. The starling roosting and nesting problem was greatly reduced. The tenants and landlord were much happier.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bird Strike Force Pest Bird Control -- Naturally

Nuisance and pest bird abatement services using Falconry Based Bird Control (FBBC). Utilizing natural techniques. No pesticides or chemicals. We use a 'Squadron' of trained raptors. Keeping the sky safe. For, runways, farms (crop harvest protection), buildings, office complexes, warehouses, stadiums, landfills, anywhere there are pest or nuisance birds. Licensed for any and ALL bird species, including US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) protected migratory birds (hawks, crows, owls, vultures, gulls, grackles, blackbirds, etc.). Eco-friendly and effective bird control. For more information and a down-loadable brochure: See our website at