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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gull and grackle abatement, beach resort in south Florida.   The issue here was gulls, common grackles and some other birds were brazenly taking food from customers as they were dining outside.  The birds were also targeting customers at the two swimming pools.   Bird Strike Force was hired to deter the birds from taking food from customers.  The strategy was to have Harris' hawks stand ground and perch around the problem areas during peak dining times.  Usually from about 11:00 until 4-5 p.m.  Falconer and Hawks would patrol from one end of the resort to the other, driving the birds away and keeping customers happy.   The later survey from staff estimated that the reduction in the birds taking food was about 90 percent.   The best part was the positive feed back from the customers on this innovative and natural method of bird abatement.  I got nothing but positive comments.   Also, a few of the birds were on display at the beach (see photos).  There were signs about the natural history of each bird, plus an explanation as to how Falconry Based Bird and Wildlife Abatement works.