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Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Morning

On the pre-dawn walk no pigeons were found roosting on any of the property.  I got the hawks out after breakfast, did paperwork and now changing into my 'cleaning clothes'.  It cleaning day and I always change into the prior day's clothes for that task.  I get very wet and soggy, even though I put on a vinyl apron to keep as dry as I can.  But, on hot days, I don't mind getting wet anyhow.  Hawks will be out and misted by mid-morning.  I got the enclosures extra clean, scrubbing with a scrub brush that I had purchased.  Sometimes spraying is just not enough.  I set the hawks out, they were misted and I noted that when the hawks are weathered outside, pigeons in the area are far fewer.  It was sunny and hot so I made sure the hawks were kept comfortable all day long.  I waited for the evening to arrive and after dinner, I flew all 4 of the hawks over the pool area, one at a time.  As with other sunny days, I stay out until the sun is quite low in the sky, just getting ready to set.  I then put the hawks up and put them in my truck for the night.  

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