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Friday, October 16, 2009

Office Building, starling problem

This was a job that did not need falconry for the pest bird problem. The starlings were getting into the roof and small openings around the building. Nesting materials, feces, and just a general unsightly mess was the issue. The owner had the openings filled by a contractor with insulating foam, but the persistant and clever starlings just pulled it out. I inspected the job. I recommend that the openings be filled with pre-formed metal. Such as metal 'plugs' formed for roofing. Especially around the area where the standing seam roof met the soffit. I also recommend that the perch deterrent spikes be metal rather than plastic. The temperature fluctuations, plus the UV from the sun was deteriorating the plastic spikes and adhesives quickly. I recommend mechanical fasteners, such as sheet metal screws with all weather caulking. A few months later I contacted the owner to see if she followed my suggestions, she had. The starling roosting and nesting problem was greatly reduced. The tenants and landlord were much happier.