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Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday, Last Day

I walked in pre dawn, saw only one pigeon.  A lone pigeon sitting on the 5th floor balcony above the spa.  I chased it away.  The hawks are in their enclosures and they will be set out.  For it it cleaning day.  I am getting my supplies in order and will be departing Tuesday, hopefully pretty early. I set the hawks out, hosed off their enclosures.  Then started to get my equipment organized and sorted for packing.  I was planning one last flight for the evening.  Then packing the hawks and their equipment.  But was stopped by a late rain storm.  So, I rolled up the hose, put perches up and away and arranged and organized.   Tuesday, I got up early, did laundry, got the hawk equipment packed first then my personal effects (and traveling office).  I left at 10:45 and got home safely by 5:30.  

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