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Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday, Last Day

I walked in pre dawn, saw only one pigeon.  A lone pigeon sitting on the 5th floor balcony above the spa.  I chased it away.  The hawks are in their enclosures and they will be set out.  For it it cleaning day.  I am getting my supplies in order and will be departing Tuesday, hopefully pretty early. I set the hawks out, hosed off their enclosures.  Then started to get my equipment organized and sorted for packing.  I was planning one last flight for the evening.  Then packing the hawks and their equipment.  But was stopped by a late rain storm.  So, I rolled up the hose, put perches up and away and arranged and organized.   Tuesday, I got up early, did laundry, got the hawk equipment packed first then my personal effects (and traveling office).  I left at 10:45 and got home safely by 5:30.  

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Morning

I got up pre-dawn.  I enjoy my pre-dawn walks and make a point of doing them where ever I am at.  I walked about and I so glad to see again no pigeons roosting on the hotel.  Just the two on the south side of the vacant restaurant.  I got ready for the day, had a light breakfast.  Moved the hawks out to their area at the restaurant.  

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday Morning and evening

Saturday a warm day, and will again be sunny.  I did my pre-dawn walk and found no pigeons on the hotel.  Around the back of the restaurant on the south side, I saw two pigeons sitting on a light fixture.  They are probably the ones I've been moving from the awing the past two weeks.  I chased them away.  I did another walkabout the buildings, but no other pigeons were sighted.  It was hot and I stayed as much as I could in the cool to keep from overheating.  The hawks were misted all day and I was checking them frequently and moving them about to keep them in the shade. I was also organizing my equipment for departure on Tuesday.  Mid-afternoon was quiet, for it was too hot for the pigeons to sit in the sun on any of the buildings.  As four o'clock approached.  I noted some milling about, and I saw that this group had several pigeons with a lot of white markings.  I noted that also they were not flying as coordinated as the morning pigeons.  This group is one of the local lofts, being released for afternoon flights.  They stayed a few moments on the hotel, but departed quickly before I could chase them away.  After their departure, the feral pigeons started streaming in just a few at a time.  I also saw them east across the highway, milling about at the church field behind the all glass office building.  It was shady there so I think they were also keeping cool, out of the sun.  After dinner, I had the hawks ready to fly, and noted approaching rain clouds.  I waited a bit longer, but the feral pigeons landed east across the highway on the power lines behind the 24 hour restaurant.  And stayed there quite a while.  I waited the weather out, there was a light rain starting.  I saw lightening to the north and heard distant thunder.  The pigeons were apparently staying across the highway for the time being showing no interest in moving and I decided to pack up a bit early.  I had packed up the hawks, and was in my truck just starting to park,  and I spotted the Cooper's hawk again hunting pigeons at rooftop level.  The few on the vacant restaurant flushed and the hawk had missed.  The hawk then flew west into the neighborhood out of site.  I thought, thank you hawk for helping me out this evening.   

Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Morning

On the pre-dawn walk no pigeons were found roosting on any of the property.  I got the hawks out after breakfast, did paperwork and now changing into my 'cleaning clothes'.  It cleaning day and I always change into the prior day's clothes for that task.  I get very wet and soggy, even though I put on a vinyl apron to keep as dry as I can.  But, on hot days, I don't mind getting wet anyhow.  Hawks will be out and misted by mid-morning.  I got the enclosures extra clean, scrubbing with a scrub brush that I had purchased.  Sometimes spraying is just not enough.  I set the hawks out, they were misted and I noted that when the hawks are weathered outside, pigeons in the area are far fewer.  It was sunny and hot so I made sure the hawks were kept comfortable all day long.  I waited for the evening to arrive and after dinner, I flew all 4 of the hawks over the pool area, one at a time.  As with other sunny days, I stay out until the sun is quite low in the sky, just getting ready to set.  I then put the hawks up and put them in my truck for the night.  

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wednesday, Thursday Morning

Wednesday was quiet, and I am getting low on hawk food, so I went to the local grocery store for some supplemental hawk food (turkey legs and wings) to make sure I do not run out.  I feed a mixture of turkey and whole animal, for proper nutrition.   I also made a list of forgotten supplies, and I stuck to the list and got the things I should have brought when I left.  These items will always be packed, ready to go for my next assignment, for this type of work often has short notices.  Same with my attire,  I keep it clean, pressed and ready for travel.  The hawks were flown after dinner by the pool area.  I flew all four, one at a time,  I had a lot of interest from the guests,  and enjoyed explaining the concept to them.  The hawks did very well, not wandering off, sticking close.  For traffic to the East and the power lines to the West are a big concern.  The pigeons that were thinking about hanging around moved on east across the street.  I waited until just about sundown  The hawks were also wanting to go to bed and were flying around their enclosures.  Hawks do not like to be out at night, for owls are their natural enemies.  I overcome this fear by having their enclosures always around on a cart.  With the perch illuminated on both the T post and inside the enclosures. The do not end up roosting in a high  tree in the dark, instead they seek the safety of their enclosures.   They are much more confident that they are safe with this method and will come in after dark.  I wrapped things up and ended the day.

Thursday morning, with pre-dawn walks, I found one lone pigeon on the 5th floor light fixture.  I chased it away and it moved on.  I spoke briefly with security detail on the west side.  I  then finished my survey and found no pigeons roosting on the south side restaurant awing frame.  I think that as an inexpensive perch deterrent.  Rows of black colored cable ties, about 8 inches long wrapped around the awning framework with the spacing about ½ to 1 inch would be something to try.  For the next groups of pigeons in the area will be looking for places to roost as well.  I set the hawks out, and it is a hot day, so I made sure the misters are on.  As I was setting up the pigeons were flying about and I noticed several with lots of white on their plumage.  I've not noticed these whitish pigeons before.  So a loft is mingling with the feral pigeons in the area.  Then I noted more evasive flying and above them was the local Cooper's hawk.  She tried for several stragglers, but had lost her element of surprise and was out flown.  She flew east across the highway down into the trees.  The pigeons landed on the South side of the hotel and  I proceeded to chase them away to across the street. One of the largest pigeon clubs in the US is in Broward County  Later in the day, it was only a few pigeons about, so it was slow, and warm, and breezy so I started organizing for departure to save time later.  I set the hawks up in their boxes after dinner and waited a while, for the sunny day kept the pigeons away for about an extra hour.  I waited until they were moving into the area and started flying the hawks one at a time across the pool area.  On sunny days the west restaurant side is vacant of pigeons, just too hot and uncomfortable there.  I flew the hawks until sunset, packed them upand called it a day.  As I was driving back to park, one of the employees needed a ride to pick up a part for his car.  A heater hose.  The one he purchased did not fit.  I took him to the parts store, but they did not have the correct one.  We went back, I told him to bring the broken hose, for there are several heater hoses (5) on his model car.  The clerk at the store confirmed that another local store had the parts in stock, we went there about 5 minutes prior to closing and he got the part to his car.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning

Tuesday, I sat the hawks out later in the day due to expecting landscaping to be there trimming.  They were misted, and I set up for evening flights.  I noted that mid-day few pigeons are about, especially when it is sunny, just too hot for them to sit out.  Lowered humidity made is  more pleasant day, and winds/breezes helped too, A perfect beach day.  Also, I was glad that evening rains were not coming in to stop my evening flights.  I flew the hawks one at a time over the pool, it is highly visible to the pigeons across the street, and they do not come over when the hawks are about.  I kept them out until after 7:00 and when I ran out of hawk food for them.  I then put them away and wrapped up the day. I moved the bath pans, and perches, expecting landscaping to be out on Wed morning.  

Wednesday, got up prior to dawn and did my walkabout.  I am glad to say I saw no roosting pigeons on the hotel nor the south side awing of the restaurant.  After breakfast, I was moving the hawks out and saw a groups of pigeons head over the hotel.  I noted one was all white, so I know now that many of these birds are un-banded loft pigeons.  I called one local pigeon loft in the area and asked if it was one of their birds.  Their pigeons were in at the time.  I told them that the hawks will not be flying at that time.  So they were letting their pigeons out for a morning flight.  This loft have some with a lot of white on them but I've never seen them in the hotel area.  I then set the hawks on the tables in their enclosures.  For this is cleaning day.  I change into the prior day's clothes, for cleaning.  Then change into the current day's clean attire so I don't look so wilted.  Also, maintenance was going to check for active nests on the lower and upper buildings and remove them.  This will really help discourage the pigeons from using the area.  I also noted that the standing water on the roof of the main laundry (guest linen) and pigeons drink and bathe in the puddles.  Same thing with the standing water around the water chiller.  I often see pigeons fly up when I walk through there.  

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Monday and Tuesday, am

Monday I had the hawks out, cleaned their enclosures.  I had a shorter day because of my reservation at   I also put the hawks in my room to make sure they are comfortable, for it it hot and I usually wait  until it is cooler after 6:00 to put them away.  I took the shuttle to SeaWatch.   A throughly enjoyable experience.  The decor is beautiful, classic Florida style.  The restaurant has lovely views, which are in demand by customers so reservation are strongly recommended for a good view while you dine.  It as Monday, a slower day and I was glad I picked a slower day.  For I was told the place is very, very busy.  I had grouper, roasted mixed veggies, and black bean soup.  And their  fantastic bread as well.  My waiter (Pete) was attentive (not too much though) and very knew the menu and drinks.  I walked to the beach afterwards on a calm day, seas were quiet.  I saw a lone woman in the water, enjoying an evening swim.  I was glad to see that the turtle nests are marked with ribbon and stakes.  I saw lots of wildlife tracks in the sand, mice, birds, etc.  I also saw a lone house cat wandering the beach as well.  I hope that they have a 'cats indoors' initiative in the community to help our small coastal wildlife survive the decimation of outside and stray cats.  I came back and went to bed quite early.

Tuesday a.m.  I got up and walked the area at dawn.  I noted right at sunrise the pigeons from the 24hour restaurant heading into the neighborhood.  I followed them to a house where they were sitting on the power lines, awaiting breakfast.  Their activity strongly hints that these are loft pigeons.  For they were flying down a few at time into the yard, presumably to eat food set out for them.  I took some photos, walked a bit longer back to my room.  I waited to get the hawks out after 9:00.   For I was expecting landscaping to come and trim the weathering area at the restaurant.  I did not see any sign of landscaping arriving, so they are sitting in their enclosures until I am certain landscaping does not need to be in the area.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Sunday and Monday

Hot, sunny, threat of rain all day.  I set the hawks out, then misted them.  I was prepared to get them flown again and kept them out until I saw rains coming in an lightening.  I then put them safely away until the rains stopped a while later.  When the rains cleared, I set them out again, but heavy winds and another rain storm was coming in.  If it is a 'green radar' indicator, I keep the hawks out, but the radar showed orange and yellow, heavy rains, lightening.  So, I was reluctantly force to hold them off .

Monday morning. cleaning day.  Got the hawks out early, for I did not see landscaping at this time.  So I felt that they were not showing today.  After getting their enclosures clean and them settled outside,  landscaping was working around the hotel.  So I am keeping close  to move them in case landscaping wants to also trim the restaurant area.  I saw the pigeons flush in number this morning, land on the hotel, and I chased them back.  Then about mid-morning, sirens went off from the fire department.  Pigeons normally do not flush, from the noise but they did this time,  And why?  The wild hawk again. I am thinking that the wild hawk is staring to make a connection between fire sirens and flushing pigeons.  The fire house has a 'horn' that sounds before the sirens on the trucks.  She is stalking the pigeons, using noise and distractions as part of cover too.  

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Saturday and Sunday

I sat the hawks out, and misted them.  It was a hot muggy day, and I made sure they were misted and comfortable.  It was a quiet day, pigeons were away most of the day, only a few had to be chased away. I check the 5th floor and saw that the roof panel had been opened.  Looked at it and saw it is a challenge, even for a younger fitter person to access the roof. Especially getting back down without falling.  I would be carrying a hawk, T post and hawk supplies.  I've done rooftop work before, but there was always a stairwell and door way where I just walk directly to the roof.  No climbing.  During the day,  I also had to watch the heat and made sure I stayed comfortable and did have to take a break in the AC for a while.  I planned to fly the hawks in the evening and I noted clouds coming in for rain, but I was determined to get them flown.  As I released the first hawk, she was impatient, bounced off my head (I always wear a hat with them). Then I saw the pigeons react to the local Cooper's hawk that came in for her evening patrols.  I had hoped to flush a pigeon for her, but the pigeons were too reluctant to be rousted when she showed up. ALL of the pigeons moved about, between my hawk flying and the Cooper's hawk hunting, they were very restless.  I did get  all four  hawks flown (across the pool area).  I flew them one at a  time, for I am concerned that I get a repeat of the hawks landing on cars on the roadway while the light is red.  Guests were intrigued by the flying and the hawks were very well behaved.  Rain started in a light mist, so I ended the day.  I went to bed quite early.  I did not get on the computer, and made sure I was rested for the next day.  

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Friday started warm.  It is a full moon and I enjoy being out pre dawn as it was setting this early morning.  I set the hawks out and housed out and  cleaned their enclosures.  The new extra long apron kept me much drier than doing without one.  The hawks sat out all day until the storms in the afternoon.  But, new nesting pigeons have been discovered.  The pigeons are nesting in very unusual places, where you would not think they would nest.  I noted some standing inside the fan vent from the laundry area where guest linens are cleaned.   There is a nest actually up inside the vent.  I looked around the area, inside and out.  There is a need to block off both the exterior fan (a circle of 1 inch welding wire that surrounds the vent from the roof flange to the roof would work).  And inside the vent as well. (again a section of same welding wire to block access by pigeons to the vent from flying through the retractable door).  That evening, before I put the hawks away at 7:30.  It was also pointed out to me by front desk staff  that pigeons were in a side vent/gutter in the front desk building.  On the east side in the center of the building, a hole,  just right for pigeons..  I rousted them out (3) at evening, and I suspect a nest in there as well with squabs.  \

Saturday morning, I was up early and a few were on the restaurant north edge (now I know it is gutter), they moved away, and the two that I've been moving about all week long were back on the 5th floor balcony.  But, they move away right after dawn.  A few landed on the south side of the hotel, but they were gone soon as well.  Hawks are staged on the north side of the restaurant for flying.